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You’ve got a product that your market needs. We’ll help you get the word out and give your customers a name they can talk about.

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“I came to DNU Design for a logo. What I got was a way forward. The very first discovery meeting with Dharini showed me aspects of my business that I hadn’t considered before. Everything just lined up and fell into place after that meeting. Thanks to the Brand Strategy and Brand Identity designed by DNU Design, my inquiries have gone up by 500% within an year. Because of the demand and reputation this created, I am now able to charge a premium price and approach better clients, making 2020 one of the best years for my company so far. If you’re playing the long game, I highly recommend hiring DNU Design. Contact me through Instagram if you have any specific questions.”

Valentine Sorokin,
Concept and Hard Surface Design
Markets: EU, USA, UK

“Dharini is a highly professional and mature designer whom we loved working with. She is knowledgeable and well-equipped with market research, and demonstrates that proficiency through her own unique methods of digging deep into the brand philosophy (engage her if you want details on this!). What we appreciated most is her ability to separate current trends from long term functionality and evergreen aesthetics. She is a capable partner who puts a great deal of thought into her designs and conveys the rationality behind each design choice and language well. We had a wonderful experience throughout the entire process, and needless to say, were extremely happy with the results.”

Yentil Love and Joel Chin
Á La Mode
Markets: Singapore

Because your idea
can change lives.
It can change minds.

But an idea is only the starting point. To make it a business that sells, we conduct market research and create a strong strategy that’s backed by behavioural and marketing science. This is why our work gets results.

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Make an impression
in 7 seconds;
or not at all.

That’s what the research says.

Worried about the competition?

Don’t be. Your customers now rarely care about which product has the better features. Today, the brand that wins is the one that sticks in mind and is convenient to buy.

We’ll help you find your own unique voice and look so you’ll never be confused with your competition and you’ll always be remembered.

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Being unmemorable is now a choice.

Because a product can’t sell itself, but a good brand can.

People talk. They may remember your product, but they can’t talk about you if they can’t remember you. So give them brand that they won’t forget.

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so that you can focus on your business

Here’s what our past clients reported back:

  • A brand that is guided by its core purpose
  • A strong brand that your ideal customers and employees notice and want to be a part of
  • More relevant sales inquiries as a result
  • Freed up time from making day-to-day, from-scratch design and marketing decisions
  • Less stress by always knowing how to be on-brand at all customer touch-points
  • A brand strategy that allows you to see new opportunities and places to pivot.

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More about Dharini:

Dharini has worked with a range of businesses, from startups to multi-nationals. However, she is happiest when she works with brands that want to do a good thing for the world and their customers.

Through the recent pandemic, she runs an Instagram account to support startups and SMBs with advise on branding and marketing.

She also works with The Nescius as a designer and with Villa 49 and Valentine Sorokin Studios as a Brand Consultant and Marketer. The rest of the time, you can find her writing music, designing her clothes, experimenting in the kitchen, curled up with a book, or with her family in a jungle somewhere in Sri Lanka.

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