coconut rock: brand identity design

They needed a name
and a logo.

Previously named ‘Cranberry Inc.’, the duo-led event company specialised in weddings, theatre productions and corporate events.

Their goal was to bring the ‘WOW’ factor to every event at an international standard and out-do themselves every time.

the problem:

They were already the front-runners in their market. Their individual names were synonymous with perfect work.

But it also meant
they couldn’t expand.

Their clients needed them to handle every project themselves. Since large scale projects require the collective effort of many, this direction wasn’t working for them anymore.

the problem:

Their ideal clients came from extreme-stress situations (organising weddings, theatre productions and corporate events).

Unfortunately, event companies in Sri Lanka

were known to be unreliable and repetitive.

The new identity we designed would have to address this market prejudice if the new brand were to succeed.

the problem:

The duo worked with people from many walks of life. For some, English wasn’t their first language.

This meant the name had to be easy to pronounce, easy to remember, while still capturing a sense of their quirky creativity.

Understanding this made all the difference

in designing the name, ‘Coconut Rock’. ‘By J&T Productions’ was added as an identifier for older clients and as proof of quality.

the solution:

They were about getting things done and didn’t spend time talking up a big game. Therefore the initial impression had to capture the life and quirky creativity of the brand.

All else would be conveyed with great economy. This is what would give them a professional edge.

This was essential because

it would serve both to attract the right people to work at Coconut Rock, as well as the right clients.