à la mode: brand identity design

They wanted to capture their message.

They were two fashionistas who believed the fashion industry could be more environmentally friendly.

The idea was to up-cycle and re-sell designer purchases that were sitting unused in dusty closets.

The dream was to start at home in Singapore and slowly expand across the globe.

the problem:

But Singaporeans were highly skeptical of online ‘thrift shops’.

These platforms had been popular at one point. But time and again, the platforms proved they hadn’t thought their services and processes through. Soon, you were guaranteed to have a bad experience.

We were now fighting a pre-existing bias.

the problem:

There were many eco-friendly brands that preached good practices, bordering on guilt- tripping their audiences.

This attitude was a turn-off

for the audiences browsing on social media. All they wanted was some entertainment after a work day. For the most part, they simply wanted a good buy when they shopped.

the solution:

The answer was simple.

Instead of focussing on the reduced-price factor, we designed the brand identity around the excitement of shopping and fashion purchases.

We also designed the message to be based more in entertainment to cancel the ‘preachiness’ of their actual values and beliefs. This way, being environmentally friendly was a choice each customer made in their own time, without any pressure.

the solution:

By shifting focus away from the thift-shop model, we were able to do away with the pre-existing bias. Pairing this with a strong, chic visual identity, in the eyes of their audience, à La Mode had the professionalism their competitors lacked

which in essence,
gave them a fresh start.