valentine sorokin: brand identity design

He came to us for a logo.

Valentine Sorokin is highly talented professional and passionate 3D Concept Designer working in the movie and video game industries.

While he already had a number of notable clients, such as Netflix, Boeing and Call of Duty, he saw that he needed to present a better front for his studio to keep appealing to a higher-end clientele.

the problem:

The market for concept and 3D designers is saturated

meaning clients are spoilt for choice.

While Valentine Sorokin is a known-name (having been in the industry for over ten years), the competition for attention was growing.

Ideally, his brand had to re-establish him as an industry leader.

the problem:

High-end clients spent only seconds looking

before making a decision, due to working in high-stress environments. This was a truth we couldn’t ignore.

Any design we came up with had to be ‘wow’; or they would move on to the next candidate.

the problem:

Corporate decision-makers had no understanding or background in design.

This meant we couldn’t win simply on the merits of his design work. In their eyes, there wasn’t much difference between two space shuttles.

In order to stand out, we had to approach the problem differently.

the solution:

We would speak
their language.

We shifted the focus from the quality of Valentine Sorokin’s design work to the quality of his professional services.

These potential clients came from high-stress environments. They generally disliked working with new-comers as they required micro-managing.

What they wanted more than anything, was to get the job done, painlessly.

the solution:

Above all,

the Identity had to be designed to communicate and strengthen his existing reputation of a quality end-to-end work experience.

The answer was a strong, clean and professional Brand Identity that left no doubt Valentine Sorokin as an industry leader for over a decade in both quality of service and work.

By doing this, we were able to strengthen the presentation of his work, without overpowering it.

the solution:

The Bonus:
new opportunities.

By framing the problem in this way, we were able to find new avenues for the Valentine Sorokin brand to explore over time.

These included, collectibles (such as models of his concepts), and products (such as his futuristic weapons accessories designs), to be marketed to his fan base across the world; and establishing the brand among competitors as the one to beat.